The Happy Baby Podcast

Are you a parent of young children?

Are you looking for good, practical, professional advice and information about you little ones?

Then this podcast is for you!

Frank Kelleher is a Paediatric Osteopath with over 30 years’ experience in healthcare. He runs a very busy paediatric clinic in Cork and wanted a way to give more parents information about the issues he treats every day.

This Podcast is all about providing information for parents on the common issues that can affect their baby or child and more importantly, where to get help. Our access to healthcare has been negatively impacted in the last few years. Waiting lists are longer than ever for even the most basic services for children.

Our aim is to provide parents with good, practical, professional information to help them navigate their little one’s health needs more effectively. Issues like digestive upset in a newborn baby, the premature baby, what to do if you feel your child need some support at school for example.

Frank will give you the benefit of his may years working with babies and children and he will also invite guests to discuss some of the issues he treats and other conditions that commonly affect babies and children.

So, join us for a chat and if you like our podcast, remember to hit the FOLLOW button!

In this first episode, Frank answers 5 frequently asked questions about newborn babies. He discusses baby reflux, tongue tie, wind, prematurity, and caesarean section babies. For each of these he explains how he would treat the baby.

In Episode 2 we are talking about what to do if you think your child may need a little help in school. We are delighted to welcome Dr Clara O Byrne to discuss this and to share her thoughts. Dr Clara O Byrne is a Chartered Psychologist with an expertise in the areas of Education, Positive Parenting particularly for children with additional needs.

In Episode 3 Frank explains about tight neck muscles and flat head in babies, a very common issue that is easily treated in the first few months. He also chats to Paediatric Physiotherapist Alan Lyons about his experience treating these babies.

In Episode we talk about ear infections and glue ear and how to treat these conditions. We also talk to Michael Power, a Paediatric Audiologist, about the effects of glue ear on a child’s hearing.

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