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Educational Psychologist joins the Team!

We are delighted to welcome Chartered Psychologist Dr Clara O’Byrne to Cork Children’s Clinic. Clara provides:  Educational Assessment – Profile of strengths and needs. Training – Parents, education professionals and childcare professionals. Advice – Challenging behavior, positive relationships, communication with schools. Clara is now taking appointments for Friday 26th April and Friday 17th May at … Continue reading Educational Psychologist joins the Team!

Sunny Days Magazine March 2019

We are delighted with the latest copy of our Sunny Days Magazine. In this edition, Frank looks at Glue Ear and Congestion and we welcome Graham Walker, Clinical Audiologist, who explains all about hearing tests in babies and children. Caroline O Connor gives you weaning tips to avoid constipation and Sinead Moynihan talks about the … Continue reading Sunny Days Magazine March 2019

Glue Ear and Hearing Issues

Ear Infections are one of the most common conditions in children under 2 years old. In most cases the child will recover fully and experience no recurrences. For some children however, ear infections can occur frequently and may temporarily affect the child’s hearing. In this article we look at why this can happen, how to recognise … Continue reading Glue Ear and Hearing Issues

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