Our Baby Journal

You might not realise it, but all the precious memories of your baby’s first year will fade over time. The edges will soften, and as other children come along, they will all get jumbled together. Now imagine if you were presented with a record of YOUR first year in the world. Imagine if you could read your mother’s thoughts and follow her experience as a parent. While this is your journal, it will, in time, become their journal too.

Our Baby Journal is a way to preserve all the small moments that can be lost in the fog of motherhood. It will allow you to record all the milestones and memories to enjoy in the future as your child grows. It’s also a planner so that you can feel in control of your weeks. Packed with photo pages and space to plan and write about special memories, it also includes practical advice to help you make the transition to parenthood with ease and confidence.


  • Your Postnatal Plan
  • The Nursery
  • Your Baby
  • The Fourth Trimester
  • Day by day progress for the first 21 days
  • Week by week records of your baby’s progress from week 4 – 52
  • The First Year in Photos
  • The Heel Prick Test
  • Flat Head
  • Tummy Time
  • Vaccinations
  • Under the Weather
  • Visiting Your Doctor
  • The Crying Baby
  • Sleep
  • Baby Wearing
  • Self Care for Mum
  • Weaning
  • Teething
  • Special Days
  • And so much more……

Our Baby Journal comes in 2 beautiful shades, to complement any nursery, with a third shade due in November.

Journaling is a wonderful way to be in the moment, to appreciate the small things and to commit those precious moments to memory for the future. Life is amazing and life with a new baby can fly by too quickly. Recording snapshots of moments in time will be something you will treasure forever.