About Us

Cork Children’s Clinic was established by Frank and Rose Kelleher.

Frank Kelleher is one of the best-known Paediatric Osteopaths in Ireland. Over the last 20 years, Frank and his wife Rose have helped over 10,000 families with some of the most common issues that can challenge babies and children.

Frank provides what every parent is looking for – information and reassurance. From digestive conditions in new-born babies to ear infections, glue ear or constipation in toddlers, he treats the most common issues affecting newborn babies and children and gives parents information to help solve their little one’s distress.

What does Frank treat:

  • Delivery Complications, assisted delivery, caesarean section.
  • Reflux, Colic, Gut Overload and Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy
  • Tongue Tie and Plagiocephaly
  • Sleep Issues
  • Ear Infections and Glue Ear
  • Constipation
  • Night Terrors

Rose was a General Nurse, a Midwife and a Practice Nurse and worked in the UK while Frank was doing his Osteopathy degree. Both of them have a great understanding of what parents go thru when their little one is experiencing difficulty. Their aim has always been, to give parents information and what’s going on and what they can do on a practical level to help their baby.

We have moved location quite a few times over the 20 years working in Osteopathy and with each move we learned something new! Cork Children’s Clinic clinic is designed with babies, children and their parents in mind and we have made the environment as child and parent friendly as possible. There is a lovely relaxed feeling here that has happened naturally. Our Baby Changing and Feeding Room is a little calm oasis and parents love it!

In addition to Paediatric Osteopathy we also offer other services here at the clinic.

Speech and Language Therapist Edel Fleming

Paediatric Audiologist Michael Power

Educational Psychologist Dr Clara O Byrne

Sacha Bucchieri Paediatric Osteopath

By offering these additional services we hope to make Cork Children’s Clinic a centre for baby and child based services.

We also published a book!

Cherished Baby and Child is a new and unique parenting book that offers explanations, descriptions and solutions for some of the most common issues experienced by newborn babies and children and treated by Frank Kelleher Paediatric Osteopath.

You can buy it as an eBook from Amazon.

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