Frank Kelleher Osteopath

Frank Kelleher is a 1997 graduate of the London School of Osteopathy. He has over 25 years experience in the Health Sector, 20 of those as an Osteopath.

Over the past 15 years Frank has undertaken extensive post-graduate studies in Cranial Osteopathy. This Cranial approach is very suitable for treating babies and children, an area he now specialises in. As a father of four children, it was a natural progression for him to work in this area.

Before moving to London to study Osteopathy in 1992, Frank trained as a nurse for people with intellectual disabilities with Cope Foundation in Cork. He continued this career path in the U.K. and became a Director of Nursing for PLD Services for the Richmond, Twickenham & Roehampton Healthcare Trust.

Frank is a member of the Osteopathic Council of Ireland and a member of the General Osteopathic Council in the U.K.

Tel:(021) 4348918

14 thoughts on “Frank Kelleher Osteopath

  1. Hi Frank. Many of my mum friends recommended you! My baby girl Lexie is now 3 and a half months old. She was born via a planned C-section. She has reflux and is taking Zantac twice a day which has stopped the projectile vomiting thank God but still spits up regularly and is very windy…farting like an old man at times!! I was breast feeding until she was 10 weeks old but had to convert to bottle feeding because she was so unsettled feeding and wasn’t taking enough before switching breasts and getting very cross at feeding times! She is definitely more settled with the bottle feeding but still gets very cross and fights the bottle nearly choking if family members try and feed her!! She is a light enough sleeper and wouldn’t sleep for long during her day naps. Wants to be up all the time and if the car stops moving or we are at a red light she gets very upset!! Her cry since the day she was born is very strong (even the nurses said it!) and she can go from 0-100 in seconds for no apparent reason!! Im wondering if cranio osteopathy would be of any benefit to her?

    1. Hi Aundrea, it sounds like your little girl is having quite a tough start! I do feel Frank could help her tho. I should say that cranial osteopathy cannot strengthen the valve at the top of the tummy, but I’m sure Frank’s treatment will help her. I often tell Mums that the information they get from Frank is as valuable as the treatment baby gets. Give us a call at the clinic on Monday if you would like an appointment (0214348918) Rose.

    1. Hi Orla, night terrors is something that responds really well to cranial osteopathy. If you’d like an appointment just give the clinic a call on 021 4348918 and we can arrange a suitable day. Regards, Rose.

  2. Hi Frank I have a 3 month old baby girl who has started waking in the night in a panic crying, she was 5 weeks early and had a tramatic birth , feeding well and happy, do you think she would benefit from a session

    1. Hi Fiona. I checked with Frank and he said he can help your little one. Give the clinic a call on 0314348918 and we can arrange an appointment. Regards, Rose.

    1. Hi, I asked Frank and he said he has never treated a child so young with an underbite. Normally he might see older children who have been referred by their dentist or orthodontist for treatment. Has someone checked your little one for a tongue tie? Rose.

  3. Hi, my 5 week old is very windy! After a feed I might she is very uncomfortable lying down squirming and kicking her legs and hands out even after an hour of winding her. I’ve tried infacol and colief but dont think it’s made a difference. Is there anything you can do to help? Thanks

    1. Hi Jenny, digestive issues in babies are what Frank sees most here at the clinic. I certainly think an appointment would be beneficial. Give me a call on 021 4348918 and we can organise one for you. Rose.

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