Frank Kelleher

Paediatric Osteopath

Frank Kelleher is a 1997 graduate of the London School of Osteopathy. He has over 30 years experience in the Health Sector, 24 of those as an Osteopath.

Over the past 20 years Frank has undertaken extensive post-graduate studies in Cranial Osteopathy. This Cranial approach is very suitable for treating babies and children, an area he now specialises in. As a father of four children, it was a natural progression for him to work in this area.

Before moving to London to study Osteopathy in 1992, Frank trained as a nurse for people with intellectual disabilities with Cope Foundation in Cork. He continued this career path in the U.K. and became a Director of Nursing for PLD Services for the Richmond, Twickenham & Roehampton Healthcare Trust.

Frank is a member of the Osteopathic Council of Ireland and a member of the General Osteopathic Council in the U.K.

Tel:(021) 4348918

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  1. Hi Frank. Many of my mum friends recommended you! My baby girl Lexie is now 3 and a half months old. She was born via a planned C-section. She has reflux and is taking Zantac twice a day which has stopped the projectile vomiting thank God but still spits up regularly and is very windy…farting like an old man at times!! I was breast feeding until she was 10 weeks old but had to convert to bottle feeding because she was so unsettled feeding and wasn’t taking enough before switching breasts and getting very cross at feeding times! She is definitely more settled with the bottle feeding but still gets very cross and fights the bottle nearly choking if family members try and feed her!! She is a light enough sleeper and wouldn’t sleep for long during her day naps. Wants to be up all the time and if the car stops moving or we are at a red light she gets very upset!! Her cry since the day she was born is very strong (even the nurses said it!) and she can go from 0-100 in seconds for no apparent reason!! Im wondering if cranio osteopathy would be of any benefit to her?

    1. Hi Aundrea, it sounds like your little girl is having quite a tough start! I do feel Frank could help her tho. I should say that cranial osteopathy cannot strengthen the valve at the top of the tummy, but I’m sure Frank’s treatment will help her. I often tell Mums that the information they get from Frank is as valuable as the treatment baby gets. Give us a call at the clinic on Monday if you would like an appointment (0214348918) Rose.

    1. Hi Roseanne. To be honest that could be any number of things. Is it tummy wind or lower wind??

    1. Hi Orla, night terrors is something that responds really well to cranial osteopathy. If you’d like an appointment just give the clinic a call on 021 4348918 and we can arrange a suitable day. Regards, Rose.

  2. Hi Frank I have a 3 month old baby girl who has started waking in the night in a panic crying, she was 5 weeks early and had a tramatic birth , feeding well and happy, do you think she would benefit from a session

    1. Hi Fiona. I checked with Frank and he said he can help your little one. Give the clinic a call on 0314348918 and we can arrange an appointment. Regards, Rose.

    1. Hi, I asked Frank and he said he has never treated a child so young with an underbite. Normally he might see older children who have been referred by their dentist or orthodontist for treatment. Has someone checked your little one for a tongue tie? Rose.

  3. Hi, my 5 week old is very windy! After a feed I might she is very uncomfortable lying down squirming and kicking her legs and hands out even after an hour of winding her. I’ve tried infacol and colief but dont think it’s made a difference. Is there anything you can do to help? Thanks

    1. Hi Jenny, digestive issues in babies are what Frank sees most here at the clinic. I certainly think an appointment would be beneficial. Give me a call on 021 4348918 and we can organise one for you. Rose.

  4. Hi Frank! I have 8 weeks girl, she was born via emergency c-section. She doesn’t like lying on her back, never sleeps on her back, doesn’t like being put down. I am holding her almost all the time. She is also a very light sleeper during the day. Do you think you would be able to help with it?

    1. Hi Agne, sounds like you both are having a difficult time.
      Will you give me a call on 021 4348918 and I will chat to you more about your little girl.

  5. Hi Frank,

    I was just wondering what you would recommend for a 6 week old baby. She grunts a lot in her sleep when lying flat. She does have difficulty with bowel movements (takes a lot for her to go) but stool is soft and yellow. She’s fully
    Breast feed. We are based north of Dublin so too far for a visit but if you could recommend anything or anyone to see that would be great.

    1. Hi Marie. It may be a gut issue. Have you tried a baby probiotic? Proven do a great breastfeeding one. Or sometimes a baby will have a little difficulty with cows milk protein. You could reduce the dairy in your own diet to see if this helps her. Hope this helps Marie. Rose.

      1. Thanks Rose! I will give these suggestions a go! Fingers crossed things will improve. Marie

  6. Hi Frank
    I have a boy that is 5 turning 6 at Xmas, he’s just started in senior Infants.. We have trouble with angry built up in him and toilet issues, doctors say it will all come right in time.. Its so frustrating as he’s now in seniors, he can be so sweet and caring but it’s to listen is the problem half the time .. Also he’s in speech therapy but improving.. Do you think you could help

    1. Frank would be very happy to see him Louise. Has he had his hearing checked? Some kids with fluid in the ear can become frustrated and act out and as he’s already having speech therapy, Frank will check his ears. Give the clinic a call if you’d like to book him in. Regards, Rose.

    2. Hi Louise, can you give the clinic a call on Monday on 021 4348918 and we will organise that apt for your son. Talk soon, Rose.

  7. Hi Frank
    My baby boy is now 7 months. He suffered from reflux until about 5 months but is now much better. We managed it by changing position breastfeeding & frequent winding and holding upright after feeds. He has been very contented& well since reflux symptoms improved. In the past week though he has been waking at night every hour or more and crying much more than normal. It might be teething or a sleep regression? He is not as interested in solids this past week either.Is there anything you can help with for this ? He still has a lot of wind but not spitting up after feeds.
    Thanks ,

    1. Hi Eva, it sounds like it may be teething alright. Might be worth checking in with your GP just to be sure for a possible ear / throat infection too. If this is a pattern that continues on for a month or so, then Frank may be able to help. Hopefully though it will resolve soon and he will be back to his normal sleep pattern. Hope this helps Eva, Rose.

  8. Hi Frank
    My 8 week old daughter Gemma has acid reflux she spits up a lot and gets very bad crying fits the nurse told me to try Nutramigen baby formula using it since Monday she is still getting the crying fits and spitting up and her poo is very runny

    1. Hi Lisa. Unfortunately we cannot give specific advice about your baby as we have not seen her and reflux can be quite complicated. What I suggest is that you see your GP. There are 2 aspects to treating reflux. The regurgitation and the acid. Your nurse must suspect a milk allergy as the formula she suggested is for babies with a. Les milk sensitivity. Speak to your GP about this too as CMPA can cause reflux. Hope this helps you Lusa. Rose

  9. Hi Frank,
    We have a 10 week old boy that is suffering from silent reflux. We changed to anti reflux about 4 weeks ago. We then had to give him gaviscon ( half sachet per feed) with the anti reflux and this did work for about 2 weeks. However he is starting to regress in the last week or so. He might have 2 ou and then refuse anymore. We might be able to get 1 or 2 ou more into him before it goes. He is becoming more unsettled in the evening and at especially at night. He doesn’t seem to be having enough in a 24hr period. Any help or advise with this ?

    1. Hi Kevin. I’ve asked Frank and he said that it’s not recommended to use Gaviscon with an already pre thickened formula. It’s usually one or the other. Either an AR formula or Gaviscon in a regular formula. The best thing to do Kevin is to discuss this with your GP to determine which option is best for baby. It may explain why baby is taking less formula than expected. Hope this helps.
      We are closed for Christmas but if you’d like to see Frank in the new year, let me know.

  10. Hi Frank, my 20 month old baby girl who is otherwise very healthy & happy is a terrible sleeper & it is getting progressively worse. I have tried all the sleep training techniques & nothing has worked. We have a ser & regular routine. Do you think anything you could do might help her & us?? Thanks

    1. Hi Claire, if the sleep training isn’t working it could be something physical that is disturbing her sleep. Something like a digestive issue, ear infections, nasal congestion for example. When Frank treats children for sleep issues, it’s the physical issue he focuses on. Treating this generally solves the sleep issue. We are not seeing babies over 6 months old at the moment Claire. Once we are, you can contact us for an appointment if you’d like an assessment done. Rose.

    1. Hi Margaret.

      Unfortunately he doesn’t. He only sees babies and children. I can however recommend a cranial osteopath who treats adults.

      Her name is Gaelle Monnier

      087 758 1001

      Hope this helps. Rose.

  11. Hi There, just wondering if Frank is seeing babies over 6mths at the moment. My little boy is almost 9mths.
    Thank you,

    1. Good morning Diane, at the moment Frank is only seeing babies under 6 months old. Once the restrictions are reduced we will then be seeing all babies again. Keep an eye on our social media Diane as we will let everyone know there when this is happening, although we do not have a date yet. Kind regards, Rose.

  12. Hi, my son is 10 weeks old. He has had his tongue tie cut twice and I can feel feedings starting to get sore.. again! I’m afraid its reattached again. He got stuck during his birth, with his head ‘looking at the stars’ he subsequently has a big purple bruisr across his forehead the first week of his life! Could this be contributing to the feeding issues? I dont want to give up breast feeding but I really do not want to get his tongue cut again!!!

    1. Hi Abigail, very often a baby will need physical work after a tongue tie release. However, your baby has had the added issue of a very difficult delivery in a very uncomfortable position. Does baby curve to one side when lying down? Or does baby have a preferred side for turning his head to? I feel some physical work would improve his latch and his sucking. Rose.

  13. Hi , I have a 3 week old little lady and the last 10 days she is crying for about 2 to 3 hours in the morning and crying 2 to 3 hours in the evening . Generally when shes awake she is unsettled and seems to be in pain as her crying sounds like she is distressed. Eating well and seems to bring up her wind Can’t put her down now in last week as she seems uncomfortable . Just wondering is it something Frank could help with . Regards Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle. In a word, yes. This is a typical picture of the babies who attend the clinic. Give us a call today and we can book you in. Rose.

  14. My son has started showing signs of reflux . He has always been a good feeder and always burped well. He would polish his bottles in 15/20 mins. He was drinking up to 6ozs like clockwork every 3 hours. At 7 and half weeks he started getting very gasy and his poos were becoming very acidy/smelly. He also started farting alot. The last few weeks it seems like his in pain while feeding. He would drink an oz or so and start crying and getting so irritated , arch back / fussy like his uncomfortable / in pain ect. I know his hurgry but is unable to take the feed fully. It’s taking nearly two hours to try and feed him now and his not sleeping well any more day/nite . Is this something frank could help with ?

    1. Hi Catherine, yes, I think Frank can help your baby. This is a very typical picture of the babies he sees every day. It’s probably worth checking in with your GP Catherine. Rose.

    2. Good Morning Catherine, Thank you for your message. This is something that Frank see and treats in the Clinic on a daily basis. An appointment would certainly help get him back on track again. Our next available appointment is Monday 14th June at 9.45am. If you would like to book this time or another time please let me know. You can also contact me here at the Clinic today on 021 4348918 Regards, Maeve

  15. Hi, my son was born at 35 weeks. Spent 12 days in neonatal. Since we brought him home he is roaring crying every day. We have been to the hospital 3 times. They said he has colic and reflux. He is on losec and aptaml pepti. It seems to me like he is in a lot of pain and nothing can console the crying when he starts. He is very unsettled day and night. Have heard amazing things about Frank. Would love an appointment please.

  16. Hi, our 5 week old son has problems with wind after every feed. He tries to drink his bottle so quickly and gets frustrated, unsettled and almost of of breath when we take it away to wind him. He has recently become very unsettled when he is out down to sleep, grunting and moaning, even though we have spent an hour winding him. I had a very fast, quite traumatic birth with him. He was absolutely fine in the first 3 weeks but has recently become unsettled. I would love to know If cranial osteopathy would help.

    1. Hi Audrey, Thank you for your message. Yes, Digestive Issues in babies is something Frank sees and treats on a daily basis here at Cork Children’s Clinic. An appointment would certainly help get him back on track again. Our next available appointment is on Wednesday 7th July at 2.30pm, or you can call us here on 021 4348918 if you would prefer another time. Kind regards, Maeve

    2. Hi Audrey, it certainly sounds like your little man is struggling but this is exactly the type of issue Frank treats every day. We are now taking bookings for Frank again. If you call the clinic on 021 4348918 we can schedule an appointment for you. Rose.

  17. Hi,
    My 3 weeks old is showing signs of silent reflux. Our Daughter also had it. Im reluctant to change food etc at this stage. We did alot of moving around for my Daughter and it seemed to do more harm then good.
    My son is having awful nappies every second day, abit weezey after feds (PHN said this was normal in newborns?!) Gagging after feds, swollowing alot, arched back, waiting up soon after a fed in pain etc. PHN also said as he is gaining weight, we just need to “rid it out” which I refuse to do. Its horrible seeing him in so much pain and discomfort after a fed. Is he too young for a vist? Is this an area Frank can help with? Please let me know.

    1. Hi Danielle, in a word yes. This is exactly the type of issue Frank sees every day. And you are right, there’s always a reason for a baby’s upset and you should find the answer if you can. Give me a call here at the clinic Danielle if you’d like to book an appointment. Rose.

  18. Hi my son is six weeks old and was born by emergency section after a fifteen hour labour and two days of induction, he has struggled with feeding from the start he’s very slow with it (no tongue tie) he gets very bad reflux constantly bringing up bottles. He struggles with wind and farting, his belly gets quite expanded after or during a feed and he does not like to lie flat often screaming anytime he is. The screams can go from 0-100 in seconds and he rarely seems happy. He struggles with passing poo also, is there anything we can do to help him? Thanks Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle. I really feel your small man would benefit from treatment. He had such a difficult start. And there has to be a reason for his digestive upset. Did someone check for tongue tie already? Frank sees babies like this every day Michelle. Give us a call if you’d like to book an appointment. Rose.

  19. Hi Franck,
    I’m hopeful you can assist us? My son, Hudson, now 2.5 years, suffers endlessly with gas pains, mostly at night – A lot less without milk proteins and a dairy free diet – But still has flareups sporadically – leading me to believe this could be caused due to something other then a dairy intolerance – or maybe both?
    It started when he was 6 weeks old and it has been hard on him since, we have managed for the most part with Diet restrictions, but I really just want him to be pain free and enjoy all types of foods, without bother.
    He was Breastfed until 15 months and then moved onto Aptimal, which seems to have no effect on his gut even though it contains dairy / milk proteins. He’s going to start potty training soon and I would hate for this to slow the training down. Please let me know if you are able to assist. I’m hopeful we will be able to save money for a visit – Would GP card cover the consultation? Or are you contracted to VHI?

    1. Hi Chantel, I think the first thing you need to do is to speak to your GP or PHN about a referral to the community dietitian to check if there are other allergies going on or if this is a cow’s milk allergy. My treatment cannot change Hudson’s immune response if he has an allergy. Once you have seen the dietitian has assessed him, give us a call or email me and let us know how he is doing and if it’s not all allergy it may be worth a visit then.

  20. Hello,
    My 7 week old baby is having some digestive issues. He spews up quite a bit, sometimes straight after feeding, sometimes upto 3 hours after and struggles to pass wind. He seems very uncomfortable a lot of the time when lying down! He wiggles and grunts and is trying to push out wind.
    I have come off dairy by recommendation of his doctor, to see if that will solve the issue. It’s been nearly 2 weeks and while I did notice the spewing seems to have lessened, the tummy pains seem to be worsening and he is very uncomfortable a little while after feeding. I am wondering would he benefit from your services?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Louise, in a word, yes. This is a very typical picture of the babies Frank sees every day. If you would like to book an appointment just give us a call on 021 4348918. Rose.

  21. Dear Frank, Rose,
    I have a 8 month old who suffers from nasal congestion. He has really had this from birth. I have tried steroids, salt therapy, nasal spray without any lasting effect. I wonder would a consultation be advisable

    1. Hi Irene, unfortunately Frank isn’t taking on any new patients over 6 months old at the moment. Can I ask, has your son any other issues? Any skin problems? Any bowel issues? Or is it just nasal congestion? Rose.

  22. Hi frank.
    My 1 year old seems to be constantly sick. throat infections and ear infections. breaks out in rashes each time is allergic to majority of antibiotics and its just relentless. would it be worth a consultation to see if anything could help? suffers from exzema too!

    1. Hi Rachel. It might be. We are seeing a lot of children like this at the moment. Has he ever had an issue with milk allergy as a baby? Give us a call at the clinic if you’d like to book him in. Rose.

      1. He suffered massively with colic and reflux as a baby we tried neocate lactose free etc. But he was ok to stay on regular aptamil. He won’t drink regular milk so still on aptamil. Thanks rose. Will ring tomorrow! Appreciate it fed up of the poor pet sick he hasn’t had a break since Christmas

  23. Hello Frank, my daughter is 4, nearly 5 now. Since little she has had reflux, snoring and coughs during sleep at night – traumatic birth. She also tends to find it extremely difficult to calm when upset – clinching fists (since 1 year old), lately shouting in frustration, unable to calm herself. This is ongoing but more so lately. Could you be able to help? Thank you, Janet

    1. I think the first thing you should do is to listen to our podcast episode about tongue tie (see website for link). In it Dr Roche talks about older children with tongue tie and a lot of what you’re saying about your daughter suggests that possibility. I would be happy to see her too Janet to check her nervous system and her breathing diaphragm. Give us a call and we can arrange an appointment for you.

  24. Hi are your taking babies over 6 months now? My son is a terrible sleeper, could wake 10 to 20 times a night and still needs milk once or more in the night. He has been a terrible.sleeper since birth and is now 14 months. He would also cry a lot throughout the day and naps are also terrible no matter what I try. I’m wondering could Frank help?

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