Our eBook

Cherished Baby and Child was published in 2019.

It is now available as an eBook from Amazon.

In it, we give you the secrets to solving some of the most common issues we treat in babies and children here at out clinic. This parenting book offers what every new parent is looking for. From digestive conditions in new-borns to sleep and ear infections and glue ear in toddlers, Frank and Rose give you the information you need to identify and resolve these problems and many more.

A perfect resource for parents of babies and children who are unsettled, offering them the explanations, solutions and reassurance they need.

 “I cannot recommend Frank enough. I felt he was the only support there for me and my baby. He was accurate with every diagnosis, constantly offering support and advice. I dread to think what my baby would have gone through without him.”

“Went to Frank today with my 15-week old twin girls. He was so helpful and informative, and he didn’t make me feel silly for the questions I asked. I would highly recommend Frank. He has put my mind at ease and given me so much help going forward. Couldn’t thank him enough.”

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