Occupational Therapy

“Always deliver the best possible service to the children and their families. How? Seeing the unique potential in each child and empowering parents, care-givers and teachers with understanding, knowledge and practical tools”, Sinead Moynihan, Occupational Therapist, M.A.O.T.I, offering a holistic, family centred  Occupational Therapy service.

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Sinead’s Video

Sinead Moynihan is an Occupational Therapist and a Specialist Yoga teacher. Since qualifying from Trinity College Dublin in 2002, her career has spanned many countries and clinical settings.  With the arrival of her son in 2010, Sinead settled down near west Cork and turned her focus to paediatrics. Practicing yoga for over 18 years, Sinead knew the vast benefits it brought to her life.  Combining yoga and occupational therapy made perfect sense!  Since launching Special Yoga Cork in 2014 Sinead has worked with over 600 kids with additional needs.  No diagnosis is too complex. Sinead’s area of expertise is Autism and sensory processing difficulties.


2002: BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy from Trinity College Dublin

2011: Contemporary Yoga Teachers Diploma

2012: Yoga for The Special Child, Special Yoga Foundation, London

2013: Special Yoga for Children with Developmental Challenges

2014: Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism, ADHD and other Learning Challenges

2015: The Sensory Integration Perspective

2016: Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Children with Dyspraxia


Sinead strives to engage with and meet each individual child from where they are. Sinead aims to see the strengths and unique potential of everybody she works with. Challenges are met with a professional and varied skill base.

Sinead’s area of expertise is working with children and teens with:
Sensory processing difficulties.
No diagnosis is too complex.

Sinead also works with:

Attention Disorder (ADD,ADHD)
Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
Down Syndrome
Learning Difficulties



You can contact Sinead on 086 166 3379 or email her at info@sineadmoynihan.ie

For more information see Sinead’s website sineadmoynihan.ie