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Do   you want to be able to identify why your newborn baby is distressed? Or why your toddler won’t sleep? And, then be able to solve the problem?


Cherished Baby and Child is a new and unique parenting book that offers explanations, descriptions and solutions for some of the most common issues experienced by newborn babies and children and treated by Frank Kelleher Paediatric Osteopath.

Paediatric Osteopath Frank Kelleher and his wife Rose have brought together all the invaluable information they have acquired over the last 30 years about digestive disorders in newborns, tongue tie, flat-head, sleep, ear infections, constipation and much more. Each chapter gives you a detailed description of the condition, the signs and symptoms to look out for and the solutions that have worked for the 10,000 babies and children they have treated over the last 20 years.

Packed with easy to read and understand information, Cherished Baby and Child will help you ease your little one’s upset. Frank and Rose have 4 children themselves, all nearly grown up now, and want to help you enjoy this precious time without the stress of an upset baby or child.

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Cherished Baby and Child also gives you helpful Symptom Checklists that you can fill out and bring with you to your Doctor. This helps you remember everything you want to tell your Doctor and helps your Doctor make the diagnosis. At the end of the book there is a Symptom Management Chart to allow you to monitor your baby’s progress over 7 days.

This unique book looks at the most common issues affecting newborn babies and children in detail, giving you the solutions so that YOU can solve your little one’s distress.

Unfortunately we have sold out of actual books.

However you can buy it as an eBook from Amazon.