Dr Clara O Byrne

Chartered Psychologist

I am a chartered psychologist with expertise in the areas of Education and Psychology. As a psychologist I have a particular interest in how young people manage and experience SEN diagnosis and also in transitions between school settings.

I am passionate about the importance of positive behavior approaches in schools and have extensive experience in supporting schools and school communities respond to student additional needs with a compassionate and student-focused approach.

My goal is to enable young people to realize their full potential through empowering, supporting and informing families and professionals working with them.


Parent Support/Behaviour Support/Goal setting/SEN and Additional needs

Consultation and Brief Report: A consultation involves discussion with parents, initial feedback and advice about next steps, recommendations on how to help your child at home and in school. Possible areas of concern could include; communicating with schools about additional educational needs, coping with challenging behavior, understanding professional reports and making an action plan.

Psycho-Educational Assessment: This type of assessment involves evaluating a child’s thinking, learning and academic skills. It provides parents and schools with a detailed learning profile and recommendations to improve the child’s rate of progress. During this assessment, learning difficulties may be identified, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or general learning difficulties. Identification of appropriate referral pathway and onward referral to statutory services also included. Testing includes exploration of the child’s developmental history, cognitive/IQ or thinking skills, academic assessment. An assessment would typically involve, a meeting with parent, meeting with child, a written report and feedback meeting.

Group and Individual sessions with young people –Social Skills, Life Skills, Study Skills, Managing Transitions, Emotional Literacy, Organisational and Executive Functioning skills

Parents & Professionals Seminars: Understanding Testing and Professional Reports/ Managing Transitions Primary to Post Primary /Introduction to Classroom Management/ Advanced Classroom Management/ Responding with compassion to conflict/ Connecting and Communicating/Exam preparation and Study Skills…

Bespoke seminars also available.

We invited Dr Clara to be a guest on our podcast, The Happy Baby Podcast. In Episode 2 she discusses the steps parents should take if they are concerned about their child’s progress in school. Dr Clara also kindly prepared a Download to help parents, based on the information she shared with with Frank. You can download a copy of this very valuable handout below.

Get in touch!

For more information and to book an appointment, see https://claraobyrne.ie/

Dr Clara has appointments available at Cork Children’s Clinic on Fridays. Contact her directly to book an appointment.

Phone: 087 2892676

Email: mulberryedpsy@gmail.com

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