What to expect in the 3rd Trimester

The beginning of week 28 marks the start of the 3rd trimester. And while you are now getting excited to see your new baby, there are still quite a few changes happening to your body.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

These are essentially practice contractions.  They can feel like mild contractions and tightness around your tummy. There’s no real explanation as to what makes them happen or when they do. But unlike real contractions, they happen irregularly and vary in length. You also tend to feel them at the front of your bump.


This is not uncommon in the lead up to your due date. Pregnancy hormones can slow down your digestive system and this can result in constipation. It can feel very uncomfortable and if increasing the fibre in your diet and increasing your water intake does not resolve it, you should see your midwife or doctor.


These do go hand in hand with constipation as you can imagine! They can develop due to the growing size of your uterus but can be worsened by constipation. Again, if you are experiencing pain, discomfort or bleeding while opening your bowels, see your midwife or doctor.


Finding yourself short of breath after climbing the stairs or making a dash for a bus is not unusual during the 3rd trimester. Your growing uterus is taking up space in your abdomen and reducing the movement of your breathing diaphragm. You are also carrying the extra load of baby with you. If however you find yourself very short of breath, or you have dizziness, you should tell your doctor.

Varicose Veins

Many pregnant women experience a feeling of restlessness in their legs towards the end of pregnancy. And many get varicose veins. The reason for this is that the ever expanding uterus makes it more difficult for blood to travel upwards back towards the heart. The veins then dilate to accommodate this. You also have more blood circulating during pregnancy, which compounds the problem. Good news is that for most women varicose veins will clear up naturally after delivery.

Round Ligament Pain

To help make space for your growing uterus, you produce a hormone called Relaxin. This allows the ligaments on either side of your uterus to relax and loosen as the uterus grows. This can however cause aches around the bump.

Remember, if you have any concerns you should seek advice from your midwife or doctor. Most pregnant women feel really well and full of energy during the 3rd trimester. You may still be working and you may even have a nursery to decorate. Do what you can but remember to rest when you need it. Approaching the birth in a fit and healthy state will give you a head start as a new mum.

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