Slings and Carriers and why they may help a reflux baby!

Using a sling or a baby-carrier can take a lot of pressure off a parent of a reflux baby. Now, not every reflux baby will like a sling or carrier, but because of the upright position, some can find it very comfortable.

If you feel you are sitting under baby all day, or perhaps you have other children at home who are demanding your attention, maybe a sling could help. Babywearing is a great way to hold and comfort your baby while keeping your hands free to get stuff done. There are many different types available, some are nice and simple, others look a lot more complicated. We’ll run through a few of the types below for you. We would also suggest that you ask family and friends for a loan of a sling/carrier they may have used with their little one. Trying a few different styles will give you a better guide as to what’s most comfortable for you and baby. You can then purchase that one (unless the borrowed one is not needed back of course).


A soft and structured baby carrier is probably the most popular. It has straps and buckles that attach around the parent’s waist and back to secure the baby in the carrier. They are very easy to wear and to put baby into. A few adjustments will secure your little one and you are off! The only con really is that some carriers do not have sufficient support for a new-born. So, if you are buying one, be sure to check the age of suitability.


Wraps are exactly as you’d expect – a long piece of fabric you wrap around you and baby to hold baby. Stretchy fabric wraps are great for new parents. You can tie the wrap around you and then put baby in. Because they are stretchy, they may feel more secure when you are new to wraps. It can be a two-person job to start with, but you’d won’t be long getting proficient. As your baby gets older, a woven wrap may be better suited. You can carry baby on your chest or on your back, though you’ll probably need to look at a few YouTube tutorials to master the different techniques.

Ring Sling

If the idea of a wrap scares you, but you do want something that offers a bit more variety than a soft and structured carrier, then a ring sling may be worth considering. This is a long piece of fabric with rings sewn at one end. The other end is fed through the ring to secure it. There is still a little bit of technique with these, but they are easier than the wrap. They can be used from new-born to toddler.

Support for Babywearing

In Ireland: Babywearing Ireland

In UK:


If you do choose to use a sling or a carrier it is very important to follow the manufacturers guidelines and TICKS Rule for Safe Babywearing devised by the UK Sling Manufacturers & Retailers Consortium.

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