Baby Colic

Colic is a diagnosis that very often comes with the assumption that nothing can be done to help baby. But this is incorrect. We believe that there is always something that you can do for an upset baby.

First of all, is it really colic? Babies with other digestive issues can have very similar symptoms to the typical colic symptoms. When we see a baby at the clinic presenting with colic type symptoms Frank will always rule out other digestive issues. Very often it’s not colic, it’s something else.

When there’s no other digestive condition identified we then look at why a baby may have colic symptoms. The first thing we look at is gut immaturity or imbalance.

Many of the bacteria in a newborn baby’s gut comes from Mum. The type of delivery is important. As it when they were born. Having a well populated gut is essential to good digestive health. How a baby is fed also affects gut health.

Our latest podcast episode is all about colic. We chat about what colic is and some of the other issues it can be confused with. We discuss the causes of colic symptoms and we look at the treatment options available to help ease baby’s digestive upset.

If your baby is very distressed one of our Online Courses may help.

In these courses, will give you the benefit of all our years of experience treating babies with digestive issues and many of the associated conditions. We want to find a solution for every baby we see at our clinic and over the years we have studied digestive issues in detail, looking for causes, optimum treatment options, new research, and practical solutions. We have combined all this information in our courses so that we can help as many babies (and parents!) as possible.

If you want answers, if you want a happy baby who is not continually crying and distressed, then maybe one of our courses can help.

Let us help you become the best possible advocate for your baby.

Below you will find our information sheet about The Crying Baby. It contains some of the most common reasons a baby will cry and some tips to soothe your little one when they are distressed.

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