Tummy Time for your Reflux Baby

We all know how important Tummy Time is for newborns. However, it can take a while for newborn babies to settle into tummy time. It’s a bit like the first day you go to the gym. Muscles are being used that had a very quiet existence up to that point. It’s tough. And tummy time can feel a little like that for a small baby.

If you have a reflux baby, you have another hurdle to jump. Reflux babies do not like lying flat and they very often do not like tummy time at all. But tummy time is as important for these babies as it is for all babies. So how do you manage it?

Here are a few tips for effective tummy time for your reflux baby.

  1. Timing is everything. Before a feed is due but before they realise they are hungry is the best time. That can be a very short window but remember you only need to do a few minutes of tummy time to start off with.
  2. You don’t have to lie baby on the floor for tummy time. Lie baby on their tummy on your chest as you recline back and make eye contact with your baby. Encourage them to look up at you by engaging with them. This too is tummy time.
  3. Another great idea is to use a gym ball. Most pregnant mums have one and now that baby is born it may be taking up space. Let’s repurpose it for a while by using it for tummy time. Place a soft blanket on your gym ball and lie baby tummy down on it. Hold baby securely all the time by their arms. Gently and slowly roll the gym ball back and forth, while engaging with baby and making eye contact. As you roll the gym ball forward baby will lift their head to keep eye contact. This is tummy time too.

So, as you can see you have a few options for tummy time. As your baby’s reflux improves (especially if you have bought our course and found the cause of your baby’s reflux), tummy time will get a little easier. And remember too that if your baby is having a bad day, don’t feel like you must do tummy time. Tomorrow is another day.

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