Baby Reflux – A New Approach

Hello, we are Frank & Rose Kelleher. We have been working with babies and children for over 30 years, Frank as a Paediatric Osteopath and a Director of Nursing Services for Disability and Rose as a Nurse and Midwife and the Manager of our Paediatric Clinic. We are also parents to 4 children.

We have a busy paediatric clinic with parents travelling from all over Ireland to see Frank. We see as many babies as we possibly can every week at our clinic, but we know there are so many other babies who need our help.

You see we look at reflux in a different way. Having seen reflux babies every day for many years at our clinic, we began to see a pattern, we began to identify causes, and we quickly understood that reflux is a symptom that is caused by several very common issues. It also has many contributory causes that can aggravate symptoms. In our opinion and experience, identifying and treating the cause MUST be the first step in the process.

During our time working with babies, we have seen many changes. Back when we started there really was no information available for parents other than from their Public Health Nurse or Doctor. The terms “all babies cry” and “he will grow out of it” are throwbacks from this era and demonstrate clearly how poorly babies and their parents were treated.

Of course, you may still be told this today but thankfully you have the power in your hands, and you can seek out a solution for your baby’s distress yourself.

We will show you how to understand and solve your baby’s reflux in our step-by-step course. No big words or complicated theories we promise. Just no-nonsense professional advice and information from people who love babies.

Baby Reflux can feel like an extremely complicated condition with many causes, treatments, and solutions. We will break it down for you piece by piece so that you will see why your baby has reflux and how you can help your baby feel more comfortable and happier.

Reflux can also require many frequent adjustments. It can feel like 1 step forward, 2 steps back some days. Again, we will help you navigate these adjustments with clarity, understanding why they are necessary and how they will help. We believe information is essential for parents dealing with baby reflux. It shows you light at the end of the tunnel. It points you in the direction of that light. And it keeps you sane!

How do you know if this course is the right one for you? Well, ask yourself these questions.

Has your baby been diagnosed with reflux?

Is your baby still in discomfort and pain?

Is treatment not making any real difference to your baby?

Is he still screaming in pain?

Do you have to hold your baby all the time?

Do you feel helpless, not knowing what is wrong and how you can help?

Then yes, our course is exactly what you are looking for.

Our course, Baby Reflux – A New Approach, will give you the benefit of all our years of experience treating babies with this condition and many of the associated conditions. We want to find a solution for every baby we see at our clinic and over the years we have studied this condition in detail, looking for causes, optimum treatment options, new research, and practical solutions. We have combined all this information in this course so that we can help as many babies (and parents!) as possible.

If you want answers, if you want a happy baby who is not continually crying and distressed, then this course is for you.

Let us help you become the best possible advocate for your baby.

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