Celebrating 20 years as an Osteopath!

This month we are celebrating Frank’s 20 years as an Osteopath!

So much has happened in the last 20 years! Since 1997 we have moved back to Ireland, set up a business, moved that business several times and over the years, Frank has changed how he works and now specialises in the treatment of babies and children. Our 4 children have grown up and in the case of the eldest, moved away. It’s all about Junior Cert, Leaving Cert and college in our house now! 20 years is a long time……..

Working with babies, children and their parents is a wonderful way to spend your day. Earlier this year we opened The Children’s Clinic, a long-held dream of ours. We wanted to create a place that felt safe, comfortable and fun for our visiting smallies and parents. And we feel we have done that as we have had such positive feedback from parents about the clinic and the facilities here. We have also been very fortunate to welcome some very experienced therapists to the clinic. They have been an amazing addition!

Finally, we want to say thank you to the thousands of babies and children and their parents who have come to see Frank over the years! It has been a wonderful time and we are very grateful for your trust in us.

FK 20 Years

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