Frank Kelleher Cranial Osteopath – What makes Frank different to other cranial osteopaths?

Frank specialises in the treatment of babies and children, particularly digestive disorders in new-borns. He has over 25 years’ experience in the Health Sector, both as a Nurse for People with Intellectual Disabilities and an Osteopath. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Health Science, which included modules on Nutrition.

Frank works a little differently in that over the years he has researched most of the conditions that affect babies, and as a result, he has an in-depth knowledge of the treatment options available. Parents are given an Information Folder and a Management Plan at their first visit and this is reviewed and adjusted if necessary at the second visit.


This Management Plan, we feel, is essential to how Frank works. It looks at:

Medication; as Frank was a Nurse he understands how reflux medication works and can review either the need for medication or the effectiveness of the medication and refer back to your GP if necessary.

Formulas; Frank has an in-depth knowledge of the various formulas available. He knows when a change of formula will help baby and which formula will suit best. As this is very often something that can have a very positive effect on a baby, it’s crucial to select the correct formula for the baby’s condition.

Referral; We have a group of expert practitioners we have built a relationship with over the years and we can refer baby to if necessary. We often refer to a Paediatric Physiotherapist, a Lactation Consultant and a Paediatric Dietician in cases where we feel further expert IMG_1034.JPGadvice is required. The feedback we have had from parents has been very positive as they feel their baby has benefited from the fu
rther referral. Frank will also refer baby back to the GP if he feels a medical opinion is required. In this case, he gives parents information on what he believes is happening with baby so that they can speak to the GP about very specific signs and symptoms and treatment choices.

Recommendation of Products; Over the years many parents tell us about products that have helped their baby cope with different conditions. We are always very happy to pass on these recommendations to other parents.

Probiotics; We firmly believe in the benefits of infant probiotics for certain conditions or situations in babies and we do advise parents about them if necessary.

Parents come to Frank looking for information – information about what’s happening with their baby and what they can do to help. Frank explains what he believes is causing baby’s distress and also explains the condition to the parents. He advises them about the treatment options available and all this information is put in their Folder to take home, take to the GP or to another practitioner and back to us at the next appointment.

And all this is in addition to the expert Cranial Osteopathic treatment baby receives!

We are also very fortunate to have a Midwife on staff – Frank’s wife Rose manages the clinic and was previously a Nurse, a Midwife and a Practice Nurse in the UK.


Frank Kelleher Cranial Osteopath

The Children’s Clinic

Model Farm Road


021 4348918

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