A Possible Link between Reflux and Glue Ear


Research done in the Czech Republic and published in the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhimolaryngology in 2015 suggests that there may be a link between Infant Reflux and Glue Ear. In the study, they tested the fluid in the middle ear for the presence of pepsinogen (an enzyme only found in the stomach) during grommet insertion. They discovered that samples from 31.8% of children were positive for pepsinogen.


In babies the Eustachian tube is not fully developed; it’s shorter and more horizontal than in adults. As a result, refluxed acidic stomach contents may enter the Eustachian tube and reach the middle ear. This increases the risk of ear infections and glue ear in babies with severe Reflux.


While ear infections can be easily diagnosed by your GP, Glue Ear can be more difficult! The things to look out for include speech delay, needing to have the TV turned up loud, sleep issues, poor concentration and behavioural issues. For more information on Ear Infections and Glue Ear see my article on this condition, http://wp.me/p2GCo0-g


If you have any concerns about your child you should always consult a Health Professional.





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