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Frank Kelleher is a Paediatric Osteopath who has specialised in treating digestive and respiratory conditions in babies and children for the last 16 years. Soon after he graduated as an Osteopath in 1997 he realised that he wanted to work with babies and children. He has done over 400 hours post graduate training and research and continues to fine tune his expertise every year.

Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle treatment which works on the physical strains present as a result of labour and/or delivery. It is a very effective treatment and in Frank’s opinion, works even better when used in combination with the expert advice he gives parents. The diagnosis is the key. Once that’s established, relevant advice is given and a treatment plan is made. Parents get so much conflicting advice it’s important to give a very definite plan which covers all aspects of care.

Frank has just published a book. It is a practical guide for parents on the common conditions affecting babies and children. Frank has drawn on his 20 years experience to produce a comprehensive guide on the signs and symptoms, treatment options and practical advice for each condition. While the book is now sold out, it is still available to buy online from Amazon in an eBook format. Click Here to Buy Cherished Baby and Chi

 “One of the best pieces of advice I was given following the birth of our first baby was to pay a visit to Frank Kelleher to have her checked over following delivery. The difference after one visit even in her feeding habits was very surprising to us and it really helped her to settle from the outset, as well as us taking on board all of Frank’s practical tips & advice.!    Leigh.

Frank trained in the London School of Osteopathy for 5 years from 1992-1997. Prior to this he was a nurse for People with Learning Disabilities in COPE Foundation in Cork. He also worked with PLD Services in London and became a Director Of Nursing with the Richmond Twickenham & Roehampton Trust. In addition to this he acquired a Higher Diploma in Exercise and Health Science from St Mary’s University in Twickenham. When Frank started studying Cranial Osteopathy he had 5 years training and 2 years experience in Osteopathy behind him and 9 years experience working with PLD. This has proved to be a great base from which to expand his expertise.

 Frank is registered with the General Osteopathic Council in the UK and with the Osteopathic Council of Ireland.




Frank Kelleher Cranial Osteopath

The Children’s Clinic

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