Tongue-Tie in Babies

I see babies every day with different digestive or feeding issues. Sometimes however, babies present with tongue-tie, a condition that can mimic the symptoms of reflux or colic. Below is some information on tongue-tie and what can be done to help this condition.

Tongue-Tie in Babies.

Most of us think of tongue-tie as a situation we find ourselves in when we are too excited to speak. Actually, tongue-tie is the non-medical term for a relatively common physical condition that limits the use of the tongue. Tongue-tie affects 3-10% of new-born babies and is more common in boys than girls. Normally, the tongue is loosely attached to the base of the mouth with a piece of skin called the lingual frenulum. In babies with tongue-tie, this piece of skin is unusually short and tight, restricting the tongue’s movement. The medical name for tongue-tie is ankyloglossia.


If you have any concerns about your baby or you think your baby may have tongue-tie, you should always see a Lactation Consultant or your Public Health Nurse.

We have a lactation consultant here at the clinic who is also a Tongue Tie Practitioner. For more information see Deirdre O Leary Vos, Tongue Tie Cork

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