Concentration and Focus in School-going Children.

If your child had a recent school report that stated his/her focus and concentration were lacking then maybe now is the time to do a little work to prepare for the next school year.

Getting distracted is normal for young children. Most children have times when they are restless and forgetful. In general the causes for lack of concentration among children include tiredness and late-nights, poor diet and lack of interest.

However when necessary, most children will be able to concentrate on a task and complete it, be that task tidying their room, reading a book or doing their homework. Being able to concentrate means that children are able to keep their minds focussed on a task for a reasonable period of time, the length of time depending on the age of the child.


If your child is fidgety and unable to sit and concentrate for long, and you have out-ruled the obvious causes of distraction, it may be due to physical discomfort and tension that they do not have the words to explain. As some children retain the stresses and strains of birth, gentle treatment from a trained cranial osteopath can be beneficial to help release these pressures, enabling your child to fully engage with life again. A child who is physically uncomfortable may not complain of aches and pains. The stresses have probably been present since birth, and have become ‘normal’ for that child.


Frank Kelleher D.O., R.N.M.H.

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  1. Perfectly valuable piece of writing! Truly is a big necessity today for students, for our child to learn how to focus on classroom, hence their life. Appreciate the points being depicted herein. Focus level likely retrograded with school holidays will surely require sharpening it again. Getting distracted is quite an obvious hazard. Although revived interest levels, sound sleep, getting back to organized lifestyle, good nourishment/exercises and a lot more is – an all-time better recipe to get and stay focused on what you do!

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