Mums have their say on Cranial Osteopathy…..

In my experience, the majority of mothers hear about Cranial Osteopathy from their friends or family. And I am sure it’s one of the best pieces of advice any mum can get, particularly if a baby is irritable and fractious or is not feeding very well.

Below are a few mother’s experiences of Cranial Osteopathy.

“I brought my daughter Casey to see Frank Kelleher when she
was 8 weeks old as she had plagiocephaly and we also had noticed that she had
restricted movement in her head when looking to the left. I had heard from
several people about Frank Kelleher so we decided to see if he could assist
with her problems. We had 4 sessions with him and he also recommended some
exercises and a memory foam pillow to help relieve the strain on her neck. After
just 1 visit we had seen improvement but it was really noticeably after the 4th
session, she now has no restriction whatsoever and the shape of her head has
changed drastically. I would highly recommend that anyone who has a baby with
similar problems as Casey had to visit Frank.  A Big Thank You to Frank.”


I have found cranial osteopathy brilliant for my 3 boys. It has been amazing to see my unsettled baby who was in obvious pain and discomfort transformed to a happy, relaxed sleeping baby medicine free! My boys have had reflux or colic and I saw major improvements in the two different situations. I would highly recommend cranial osteopathy to anyone with an unsettled baby”.


“One of the best pieces of advice I was given following the birth of our first baby was to pay a visit to Frank Kelleher to have her checked over following delivery. The difference after one visit even in her feeding habits was very surprising to us and it really helped her to settle from the outset, as well as us taking on board all of Frank’s practical tips & advice! A little later on, throughout the “fun-filled” teething process, Frank helped hugely to relieve a lot of the associated problems, mainly ear-aches in our case, which ultimately prevented infections from developing, therefore avoiding the need for antibiotics. Our second baby then suffered somewhat from silent reflux and again Frank helped to relieve those symptoms. Three years later, we still pay Frank an occasional visit when needed. Amongst our friends, he’s known as “The Baby Whisperer”!! I would highly recommend a visit to any new mother!!”


2 thoughts on “Mums have their say on Cranial Osteopathy…..

  1. Hi,

    My baby is 4 days old and has no issues, I was wondering if it is a good idea to come and see Frank any way following the delivery? Or should I wait a few weeks?

    1. Hi Deborah, first of all congratulations!
      If baby is well and has no issues we usually suggest leaving the checkup until baby is about 6 weeks old. If any digestive issue is going to present it will have done so by this stage and you’ll get more information from frank then. Bookings for Frank are towards the end of November at the moment Deborah so if you would like to book an appointment maybe give us a call at the clinic.
      Kind regards, Rose.

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