Infant Colic

According to the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin about 20% of babies develop Colic. There is a generally accepted rule of three – if your baby cries inconsolably for more than three hours a day, more than three days per week and is aged between three weeks and three months, he will be diagnosed with colic. . A classic case of colic is where the baby pulls his knees up, clenches his fists, closes his eyes tightly or opens them wide. They may even hold their breath for a short time. Bowel activity increases and your baby may pass ‘wind’.

What Causes Colic?

There is no definitive evidence about what causes colic. However, many health professional agree that it is most likely caused by a digestive disorder.

Some babies may have a Lactose intolerance – lactose intolerance is caused by a shortage or lack of the enzymes required to break down the sugar in milk. Other babies may have a milk allergy – baby’s immature digestive and immune system may not be able to cope with the allergens in cow’s milk based formula, creating an allergic reaction to the milk. Reflux may also be a factor involved. The important thing is to speak to a Health Professional and get a accurate diagnosis and care plan for your baby.

Frank Kelleher, Cranial Osteopath at Elmwood Lodge has been treating babies and children for over 10 years. He can give you advice for all your concerns regarding your baby’s colic or feeding problems.

Frank Kelleher Cranial Osteopath at Elmwood Lodge, Frankfield, Douglas, Cork.

021 4364750


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